Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can we accommodate?

The heated and cooled barn can  accommodate over 200 guests.

What if it rains the day of my event?

Our chapel is covered. We also have covered carts that will take your guests from the parking lot, to the chapel, to the barn for your reception. Even your dance floor can be moved indoors.

Do we allow outside catering?

Absolutely. You are free to hire your own licensed caterer or we can easily recommend one for you.

Do you have preferred vendors?

We desire our bride and groom to use who they feel most comfortable with; however we can definitely make recommendations and let you know about our preferred vendors.

How do I reserve The Venue at Twin Oaks for my event?

In order to reserve The Venue at Twin Oaks, we require a deposit of 25% of your total price and a signed contract.

What is your alcohol policy?

We do allow alcohol. Our policy is that you hire a licensed bartender, preferably through your catering company, and pay an additional clean up fee.


Alcohol Policy

Licensed Bartender

Client is responsible for hiring a bartender that must provide the venue with their pour and serve license to have on file.

Beer & Wine

There is a $350 clean up fee for the extra trash that is accumulated due to boxes, cans, and beer bottles.

Hard Liquor

There is an extra $500 damage deposit  required for any hard liquor served.

Onsite Officer

Hard liquor requires the client to hire an onsite active officer to be present during the course of the wedding reception.

Final Call

There will be a final call 1 hour before send off of bride and groom (no later than 10:00pm) in which all alcohol will then be locked up 45 minutes prior and unable to be consumed by anyone on the property.

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